The Next Wave On The Hunt For Al Qaedas American Recruits -

the next wave on the hunt for al qaeda s american - the next wave on the hunt for al qaeda s american recruits catherine herridge on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers terror walks among us born here raised here plotting here the terrorists of al qaeda 2 0 aim to kill americans and our government helps who are the recruits for the next wave they live next door a radicalized army major guns down forty five, isis counter extremism project - violent activities 1993 abu musab al zarqawi and abu mohamed al maqdisi returned to jordan and began plotting against the hashemite monarchy there zarqawi established an organization named bayat al imam allegiance to the imam the first mission that zarqawi directed against a movie theater in zarqa that was showing pornographic films failed when the bomber forgot about his bomb, opinion latest the daily telegraph - the best opinions comments and analysis from the telegraph