Informatica Data Quality Configuration Guide -

the practitioner s guide to data quality improvement - this past may i had the opportunity to visit informatica s annual conference informatica world and now that some time has passed i thought it would be worth reflecting on three aspects of the experience, informatica big data management on aws quick start - this quick start deploys informatica big data management automatically into an aws cloud configuration of your choice big data management enables you to integrate govern and secure big data assets in apache hadoop, etl testing guide data warehouse concepts - etl testing guide for beginners it covered all the topics of etl testing and data warehouse concepts, informatica data lake management on aws quick start - this quick start builds a data lake environment on the amazon web services aws cloud by deploying the informatica data lake management solution and aws services such as amazon emr amazon redshift amazon simple storage service amazon s3 and amazon relational database service amazon rds, from lambda to kappa a guide on real time big data - when it comes to real time big data architectures today there are choices read our quick guide on the lambda and kappa data architectures, 100 job oriented oracle oaf training online free demo - oracle oaf training oracle oaf training is designed to make you expert in working with java ee development in corporate environments at the end of the training you will be able to work with personalization s customization s and custom application development, data model design best practices part 2 talend - dale anderson is a customer success architect at talend over a 30 year career mr anderson has gained extensive experience in a range of disciplines including systems architecture software development quality assurance and product management and honed his skills in database design modeling and implementation as well as data warehousing and business intelligence, pyspark examples 2 grouping data from csv file using - i continue to share example codes related with my spark with python presentation in my last blog post i showed how we use rdds the core data structures of spark this time i will use dataframes instead of rdds, devops tutorial introduction to devops edureka - out of keen interest in devops i thought of coming up with a series of blogs that will educate you about the new culture being adopted in software development and help you understand what is it all about this is the first of the many blogs in the series called as