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download latest stable chromium binaries 64 bit and 32 bit - chromium a 100 free open source browser compatible with all google chrome extensions welcome on this auto updated website to easily download latest stable and development versions of chromium please read my notes, internationalization tag set its version 2 0 - abstract the technology described in this document internationalization tag set its 2 0 enhances the foundation to integrate automated processing of human language into core web technologies its 2 0 bears many commonalities with its predecessor its 1 0 but provides additional concepts that are designed to foster the automated creation and processing of multilingual web content, pushing and popping with the history api html5 doctor - rewriting history unfortunately as fantastic as html5 is it doesn t allow us actual time travel if it did i would be going back to my childhood and telling a younger me yes you should have a slice of cake, aspupload com user manual chapter 2 simple uploads - if your browser supports html5 the three file items on the form above can be replaced by a single file item with the multiple attribute as follows, unity manual building and running a webgl project - when you build the process of compiling your project into a format that is ready to run on a specific platform or platforms more info see in glossary a webgl project unity creates a folder with the following files an index html file which browsers can navigate to load your content a templatedata folder when building with the default template containing the build logo loading bar and, asciidoc user guide methods software home page - if you re new to asciidoc read this section and the getting started section and take a look at the example asciidoc txt source files in the distribution doc directory, php get html translation table manual - if you have troubles like me getting data from iso 8859 1 encoded forms where user copy and paste from word this routine could be useful it adds to the standard get html translation table the codes of the characters usually m word replacs into typed text, editing e books calibre 3 40 1 documentation - editing e books calibre has an integrated e book editor that can be used to edit books in the epub and azw3 kindle formats the editor shows you the html and css that is used internally inside the book files with a live preview that updates as you make changes, cross origin resource sharing world wide web consortium - 2 conformance this specification is written for resource authors and user agents it includes advice for specifications that define apis that use the cross origin request algorithm defined in this specification cors api specifications and the general security considerations section includes some advice for client side web application authors, releases al azif ps4 exploit host github - easy ps4 exploit hosting contribute to al azif ps4 exploit host development by creating an account on github, conway s game of life rosetta code - the game of life is a cellular automaton devised by the british mathematician john horton conway in 1970 it is the best known example of a cellular automaton conway s game of life is described here a cell c is represented by a 1 when alive or 0 when dead in an m by m or m m square array of cells, top 12 browser compatibility testing tools keycdn - when it comes to designing and developing for the web you will at some point in time inevitably come across a bug compatibility and or rendering issue with a browser in which you don t have access to, webview tag google chrome - storage partition id used by the webview tag if the storage partition id starts with persist partition persist googlepluswidgets the webview will use a persistent storage partition available to all guests in the app with the same storage partition id if the id is unset or if there is no persist prefix the webview will use an in memory storage partition, multidimensional quality metrics definition qt21 - 1 introduction non normative multidimensional quality metrics mqm provides a framework for describing and defining quality metrics used to assess the quality of translated texts and to identify specific issues in those texts