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fm the rise and fall of rock radio richard neer - fm the rise and fall of rock radio richard neer on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers it was all so honest before the end of our collective innocence top forty jocks screamed and yelled and sounded mightier than god on millions of transistor radios but on fm radio it was all spun out for only you on a golden web by a master weaver driven by fifty thousand magical watts, amazon com airplay the rise and fall of rock radio as - airplay the rise and fall of rock radio is a very insightful look into the birth of rock n roll radio in the 50 s starting with the wdia memphis deejays which included the one and only bb king all the way up to the birth of satellite radio in the 80 s, 106 5 the arch st louis s variety station - welcome to st louis 1065 the arch with spencer s neighborhood mornings and no repeats big variety you never know what you ll hear next, against the grain the rise and fall of rory gallagher - june 14th 1995 was a very sad day for the blues when rory left us yet what he did leave us was incredible music to play forever my first concert was at the age of 14 with my older brother dermot at crawford hall at uc irvine where i witnessed the powerful rocking blues of rory gallagher, 89 5 the drive chwk fm chilliwack - 89 5 the drive chwk fm chilliwack webplayer your station will play momentarily, wbwc 88 3fm the sting - written by jordan laird friday 20 october 2017 12 34 hello lovely listeners because 88 3 is a non commercial college radio station we have limited sources of income as we don t see the ad revenue that a commercial station does, ny radio archive other radio history - press murray the k it s what s hapening baby new york times june 27 1965 cbs tv for god sake murray you can t have everything this article describes a cbs special that murray produced for sargent shriver s office of economic opportunity to try and get kids to stay in school and to provide some summer jobs for them, 93x com minneapolis st paul 93x com kxxr fm - excessive snow on your roof can cause permanent damage to your home s shingles there are several manly ways to take care of this before it becomes a real problem, prayz network wisconsin christian praise radio - real life real hope prayz network is more than just a radio station we re a friend every day we re here to cheer you on we ll keep you company on the good days the bad days and through the darkest times of your life